Pratibimba Consultancy

Pratibimba is a Sanskrit word meaning Reflection /Reflected Image. Your self- Image is the way you see yourself and think about yourself. It is your Inner Mirror. It could be positive or negative. Whichever you choose to portray will affect and reflect your outcomes. While it’s important to be genuine, it’s also equally imperative to show the world the right image of an individual or a corporate. Impressions are created not only by the product but also how the individual responsible for the delivery of the product is perceived by the environment. Perception is reality and the world see’s the reality through the coloured lens of perception and brand image. All of us have this inherent desire to stand out in the crowd. In today’s connected modern world we can showcase our skills and ideas to a wider audience. Individuals have the power to build and maintain an image they want the world to perceive. Today anyone participating in the social media or the internet have a searchable identity. So whether we like it or not we have a brand to create, project and maintain. That’s our personal brand or Image. It takes lot of effort and careful planning to ensure that the right Image is projected to the external world.

Pratibimba Consultancy helps individuals and companies in creating a positive and authentic personal brand. We love to partner with companies and individuals in creating and improvising their personal brand. Our expertise lies in areas of Image management and soft skills training.